Maui County Republican Party


It is the Maui County Republican party's vision that there be a promise of a better future for every American, and that every individual has the opportunity to achieve what they are able to with their own vision, abilities, intellect, tenacity and ambition.


It is our mission – not only as Republicans, but as Americans, to ensure that we are not bound by where we come from, but empowered by what we can become on our own and together with one another's support.


The Maui County Republican Party maintains that it's residence have a safe voting environment and that political information is generously disbursed as we encourage political involvement within all of our counties Districts and to provide support for local and state candidates in addition to our elected representatives.


Our goal is to educate our community on Republican ideals such as:
FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: That the government not burden future generations with excessive debt.
INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY: The opportunity to help those in need.
NATIONAL SECURITY: That we live in a safe and free nation.


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